In the comfort of your own home have some fun creating a clay hare using our all-inclusive kit and of course .... your imagination.


No previous clay sculpture experience is expected.  The kit comes with written instructions (with photos) as well as a link to a YouTube video showing Jo explaining the complete process step by step as she sculpts a hare. 


Included in the kit is an 'armature' of a hare's basic shape made out of foil and aluminium wire.   Each armature is unique as they are individually handmade by Jo in her Suffolk studio.  Before you start using the clay, you can bend the head, ears & tail into whatever pose you would like. 


Applying the clay and sculpting your personal hare will usually take about 90 minutes - you can inscribe your name on the base to make it even more personal ;-)    Once you are happy with your creation, he or she can either be left to air-dry over a couple of days or popped into the oven for 90 minutes.


Once dry & cool your hare is ready to be painted followed by a touch of gilt cream which will evolve him or her into beautiful bronze!


Fabulous fun, completely engaging and enjoyed by any age group (please ensure young children are supervised).  Jo guarantees no two hares will be the same.


Please note - these wonderful hares are for enjoying inside as the air-drying clay prefers not to endure soggy weather ;-)


Also for sale is a cost saving kit with 4 sets of product, allowing you to have a laughter filled day with your friends or family.


NB: Postage is £3.50 via the Post Office for mainland UK only.


*Postage for UK Mainland only.  Please make contact if you wish to ship elsewhere by emailing  


Clay Hare Sculpture Kit

  • -  Written instructions with photographs

    -  Link to a video of Jo providing a step-by-step workshop

    -  Handmade unique hare armature (each is individual!)

    -  Baseboard and wax paper to make your sculpture on

    -  Vacuum packed reinforced air-drying clay

    -  Cloth to wet & keep clay moist

    -  Sculpture tool

    -  Powertex bronze paint & paint brush

    -  Bronze gilt cream & applicator