Questions and Answers

How are you dealing with Covid-19 restrictions?

I request all attendees to do a lateral flow test within 12 hours of the workshop.  We ask them not attend if this is positive, or if any member of their household has Covid .  We will either arrange a new workshop date or a refund will be offered.  Our guest en-suite bathroom is prepared for use by attendees of the workshop.  

What are the timings?

The workshop starts promptly at 9.15am, although you can arrive from 9am onwards & the kettle will be hot!  Lunch is approximately 1pm and you should be finished about 4.30pm.

I’ve never done this type of thing before – will it be too complicated?

All our Sculpture workshops are ideal for complete strangers to the art!  Please come and enjoy a new experience 😉.  I will be guiding all stages and giving 1 to 1 support when needed.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?

When making the armature, we will be handling wire which can be a bit whippy (technical term!, safety glasses are provided), so no children under 12. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult.  There is no maximum age.

I have arthritis in my fingers – will I be able to make a hare!

Absolutely.  I also have arthritis in my fingers, so understand the frustration.  Most of the tough work will have been done for you in advance and I will be on hand (sorry about the pun) for any occasions during the day where help is needed.  Your sculpture is moved around on a turntable which minimises handling requirements. 

Is there disabled access?

To access the studio and bathroom facilities, there are a couple of steps (bathroom facility is in our bungalow, however there is a step onto the patio area).  There is about 30 mtrs of grass to cross between the main property and the studio.  Please contact me discuss disabilities or limitations and we will endeavour to accommodate.  Press here to contact me.

Can I place a message or memento into the heart of my hare?

This is such a lovely touch, particularly if your sculpture is a gift or for a special occasion.  On the day I can give you a small glass vial to insert your message or other memento (perhaps a locket of hair or sand from a holiday!).  The size of paper needs to be no larger than 6cm x 3.5cm so it can roll up neatly.  Cremation ashes can be placed into the vial, so if you would like me to send you the vial prior to the day, please give me a couple of weeks notice.   Other larger memento items can be inserted into your hare as you make it.  

Can my sculpture go outside?

Yes, although I recommend you cover or bring inside for the winter.  We use a specialist plaster and paint designed to be water resistant.  These take 2 weeks to 'cure' before they are ready to go outside.  The only sculptures that cannot go outside is when you request to use clay.  I will discuss limitations at that time.

How do I book a workshop?

Please go to the Book Online page, choose the date and follow the instructions.  You can pay with a credit / debit card or via PayPal.  If you do not wish to pay in this way, please contact me.

What if the workshop date is fully booked?

I usually establish dates about 6 months in advance.  Please contact me.  

What if I would like to book for a group of us – can we choose another date?

Please contact me to discuss alternative dates.  Groups would need to be a minimum of 5, maximum of 7 for the one day workshop.   Two day workshops are limited throughout the year due to the pre-workshop preparation required.  Please contact me if you have 4 people wishing to create a special two day experience.

Can you provide a Gift Voucher?

Yes.  Please contact me for details.  Gift Vouchers can only be for the full price of a workshop (£99 for a one day Hare workshop and £250 for a two day Sculpture workshop).  Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are supplied with a beautiful card.

What if I need to cancel?

If your booking is more than 4 weeks away (or 8 weeks for a 2 day workshop), please contact me for a refund (which may have any initial booking transaction costs deducted from it).  Unfortunately, I cannot refund bookings less than 4 weeks (8 weeks for a 2 day workshop) away unless I can re-book the place.  Please contact me as soon as possible.  

What should I wear?

Please wear old clothes!  You will be provided with an apron; however we will be messing around with plaster and paint which may be hard to remove if it gets onto clothing.  Please wear appropriate footwear.  The Studio is set in our garden and you will be walking over potentially wet grass to access it.  You are also welcome to stroll around the 3 acres of grounds (welly boots could be a bonus!).  

Can I wear jewellery?

Wedding bands are fine, however rings with stones in might get plaster or paint in so it’s recommended to please leave these at home.  I do provide latex free gloves for those who prefer not to get plaster on their hands.

Is there parking?

Yes.  We live in a quiet rural country lane and there is parking inside our drive or on the side of the lane

What food and drink do you provide?

There will be continuous access to hot and cold drinks and biscuits.  Please bring your own packed lunch.  Fridge space will be available, as well as access to a microwave and oven. 

Will my sculpture be wet when I take it home?

No - your sculpture should be dry to touch, although it will still be 'curing' over the next 2 weeks.  You can transport hares in a reusable supermarket bag with some scrunched up paper or an old towel for cushioning.  For larger pieces from the weekend workshops, we will come up with ideas to transport!  Please bring old towels / paper etc to be prepared!

I’m not keen on animals and see you have dogs!

No problem at all 😉  Please contact me in advance and we will keep our two Cockapoos, Tula and Mia, and our cat, Olive, away from the studio area.  


Will you make contact prior to the workshop?

Yes. I will send travel directions and any extra information needed for that particular workshop.  When making the hares, I will ask you to let me know in advance of the workshops which 'pose' you would like to sculpt as I will be preparing some materials in advance of the day.  The most popular poses are the cantilevered 'leaping' hare and the 'moon gazing' hare.

I have another question that has not been answered on this page.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or which to discuss particular ideas.

I'm ready to book my sculpture day!

Please click here to go to the on-line booking page.  I very much look forward to meeting you!