Made in the Jo Garden Art sculpture studio, this Human Sculpture kit provides all you need to create a unique figurative sculpture finished in bronze gilt (which honestly looks like pure bronze!).  The clay is reinforced airdrying clay so does NOT need a kiln. 


There are 3 kits available: a 30cm small kit, a 50cm large kit, and a combination kit with both in.  The size is measured from the wire armatures top of head down to heal.


If using your kitchen oven to dry your sculpture, the whole process can be completed in a relaxed day.  Or if you are leaving to airdry naturally, then over a period of 2-3 days.


Suitable for complete beginners to clay work and sculpture, the kit comes with both written instructions (with photos) and a detailed online Video of Jo making both a small and large human sculpture which can be played as many times as you wish. 


You start by finding a human pose you would like to recreate.  The internet has lots of ideas, plus the kit also provides photos of different poses.  It could be you love yoga and would like to depict a certain stretch you enjoy best.  Or perhaps you are creating a family member!  Your figure can be sitting or lying.  If you wish to display it on a shelf or windowsill, you can have the legs hanging over the edge 😉.


Once you have decided on a pose, the unique wire armature (each handmade by Jo in her studio) included in the kit is simply bent into the shape with your fingers.  The limbs and body are reinforced which allows you to recreate a position which will hold even when you have applied the clay.  The video shows Jo bending the armature into several different poses.


You are then ready to apply the clay (which is vacuum packed for freshness).  Included in the kit are sculpting tools used for detail work.  The video shows Jo making two different sculptures: a 30cm lady (with a ponytail) sitting with her legs to one side, and a 50cm man sitting with crossed legs.  You do not need to finish your sculpture in one go – just wet the provided cloth and wrap around your figure.  The clay will remain usable for days so long as the cloth remains damp.


Once you have completed your sculpture, either leave to airdry for 1 – 2 days, or pop into your kitchen oven (details given in the instructions).  When dry, brush the special clay hardener all over, which which dries within 1-2 hours.  Paint brush is included in the kit.


The paint in the kit is Powertex which is a strengthening agent as well as providing a rich bronze colour.  The final touch is applying the wonderful bronze gilt cream which brings your sculpture to life in a way photographs do not do justice!


Please note – this kit should be made within 4 months of purchased.  These sculptures are for enjoying inside as the airdrying clay prefers not to endure soggy weather 😉


Jo Garden Art – for amazing experiences!


P&P is £3.50 via Royal Mail


NB:  Postage is for mainland UK only

Large Human Sculpture Kit (50cm)

  • - Written instructions with photographs
    - Link to full YouTube video of Jo providing a step-by-step workshop
    - 50cm aluminium wire armature handmade by Jo plus extra piece of aluminium wire to make features such as a ponytail
    - Board and wax paper to make your sculpture on
    - Foil to wrap around armature
    - Vacuum packed reinforced air-drying clay
    - Sculpting tools
    - Cloth to wet & keep clay moist
    - Pot of clay hardener
    - Pot of Powertex bronze paint
    - Paint brush
    - Bronze gilt cream & sponge applicator