All the same details as the single Clay Sleeping Cat Sculpture Kit - but it contains 4 x the products, saving over £50!   Each product is packaged separately in case all 4 cats are not completed at the same time or made in different households (please note they will be dispatched in one outer box).  

Treat your family or friends to a laughter filled day each creating a unique masterpiece.   Also ideal for a zoom party (see one of the images for a fabulous zoom party result!) .  You can also mix sculptures if you wish, so please send a message if you would like 2 x cats and 2 x hares instead of 4 cats.


Suitable for complete beginners, this kit contains everything you need to create your own fabulous bronze finished 'sleeping cat' sculpture at home! Once finished, your sculpture will measure about 12cm x 10cm and weigh 550 grams. You can even base it on your own cat or kitten. Also ideal for a unique gift which can be sent directly to the recipient (you can include a personalised gift card and message which is in the 'shop').

The 'Sleeping Cat' kit comes with written instructions (with photos) as well as a link to a YouTube video showing Jo explaining the complete process. No previous clay sculpture experience is expected as Jo will show you each step in detail. In the kit is a scale template of Jo's own British Blue Cat (Olive), however she also explains how you can create a scale template of your own cat. Names can be scribed on the base to make it even more personal.

You will usually take about 90 minutes to sculpt your cat using quality air-drying clay, although Jo includes in the kit a bio-degradable bag to keep your sculpture moist should you wish to take a break. Once finished your cat is either left to air-dry over 24 - 48 hours, or popped into an oven for 90 minutes! You then use the provided paint and gilt cream (paint brush and applicators are in the kit) to evolve your sleeping cat into a beautiful bronze finish.


No previous clay sculpture experience is expected.  The kit comes with written instructions (with photos) as well as a link to a YouTube video showing Jo explaining the complete process step by step as she sculpts a hare. 


Fabulous fun, completely engaging and enjoyed by any age group (please ensure young children are supervised).  Jo guarantees no two cats will be the same.  Please note - these wonderful sculptures are for enjoying inside as the air-drying clay prefers not to endure soggy weather ;-)


Postage is £5 and delivered via courer.  Contact details may be shared with deliverer.


*Postage for UK Mainland only.  Price is for the kit of 4 sets to be sent to one address. Please call or  message Jo if you wish for the kit to be sent to 4 addresses - please note extra charges will apply.

Box of 4 Sleeping Cat Sculpture Kits

  • -  Written instructions with photographs

    -  Link to a video of Jo providing a step-by-step workshop

    4 sets of:

    -  Handmade unique hare armature (each is individual!)

    -  Baseboard and wax paper to make your sculpture on

    -  Vacuum packed reinforced air-drying clay

    -  Cloth to wet & keep clay moist

    -  Sculpture tool

    -  Powertex bronze paint & paint brush

    -  Bronze gilt cream & applicator